Books are amazing

I’ve realized recently that books are a real amazing way for us to get on the same brain wavelength as some of the greatest minds that have ever evolved and lived in this world. Autobiographies are especially great but fiction writers are just as good.

As we tap into their consciousness, we can glean and absorb all sorts of (not just knowledge) … spiritual consciousness. Their love. Even their passions. Their interests. Their unique sense of humor. Their tastes. Their left brain and right brain. The way they say things is a real great way for us to learn to be like them, think like them. The way they order phrases and sentences, even, is a huge boon for our mind. I guess that’s why we always love quotes from famous people as well. Things that buddha said, jesus said, albert einstein etc … we get a glimpse into the extraordinary brain wave that existed when they were alive.

I’ve been realizing that good writing cannot come from a “bad” consciousness. Meaning unless he/she works on themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, good writing just cannot (it is impossible) to be born that actually touches people in a major way. I feel that I’ve tried myself. When I drink too much alcohol or don’t take care of myself, or am lacking discipline in some area of my life, it shows in my writing. It’s not as fluid, not as strong. I can’t get a grip on what I’m trying to say. But when I have a good handle on my spiritual life, it really just flows, I believe, from the Spirit.

Perhaps same with voice, speaking voice, singing voice. Usually a voice, and the power that comes from a voice, is a reflection of their inner strength and spirit as well …


Elon Musk better keep working on NeuraLink … so that we can eventually “download” and “upload” brains into our collective internet! πŸ™‚ that would be cool.

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