Becoming a “valuable” person

That is the name of the game in this life … at least for me.

I’ve always wondered what that was. But it seems that it’s not just doing whatever comes easy, or whatever I want to be doing … in a way, yes, to be doing something INSPIRING you … but the ultimate focus … should be something even greater than that … in my life purpose.

For example, there’s different brains out there in the world. If you stay the same as everyone else, and what comes naturally to a large group of people including you, then there’s no way to differentiate yourself, stand out and/or offer unique value. You become the same. The norm, the status quo. That’s not good for everybody, but especially for society and humanity.

But to DARE to be unique, to be the next level of human evolution, that is aligned with we are all responsible for … to move and drive human society forward.

That’s why we need people who break out of the mold, and need to INSPIRE MORE to do so, not be AFRAID to express themselves. (women, as gatekeepers of life and evolution are more sensitive to that than anyone, and I learn more from them than anyone, the way they react, receive and perceive genetic expression) Ultimately, we might have been all looking for the kinds of people that break out and excel at whatever genetic expression it is demonstrating. The best athletes, artists, writers, businessmen, scientists, academics … they are doing that in one physical form, artistic form or creative form in one way or the other.

That may be why “standing out” and “not standing out” is literally a life or death matter. and the act of taking on and challenging yourself to things that others (80-90% of your peers/contemporaries) have trouble accomplishing is the destiny of the One who drives evolution forward.

It is the one who blocks out distractions, emotional struggles, and social struggles, to focus on the realization and actualization of his/her greatest genetic expression … that will be the light of hope for the rest of humanity. And the One we must aspire to be.

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