2023 Inspiration

“We can’t stay small forever. Go out there and risk it. Live for something. Challenge yourself to the most difficult, hardest things that only the bravest minds of humanity can even consider attempting. Time is ticking and not waiting for you. You won’t be alive forever.”

“We are all free to pursue whatever we deem to be valuable. Society binds us and hides us the truth so that we are more easily manipulated. The truth is, we are born free and always will be free from false expectations, judgments. What you are supposed to do or what you are supposed to be at 20, 30, 40, 50 is just an illusion, a stereotype built by others. We are whom we choose to be. Our identity is always changing and always open to change.”

“The day we decide to be different and accept that it’s okay you are different… is the day you actually start living according to your true values. That’s the day we actually start living.”

“And at the end of your life … your courage will set you apart. Your courage would have set you apart from the majority of people who have shied away, settled, never attempted, played it safe, never followed their inner voice from the spirit … your courage, your very willingness to challenge yourself … sets you apart. And we need people like that, as much as we need other people in this world.”

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