A brain’s capacity for pain and creativity

What gives humans superpowers like creative artistic superpowers whether it’s somebody like vincent van gogh or robin williams … is the brain’s capacity for extraordinary thought. 

In that brain is the capacity for things to go wrong and awry. A bug perhaps. A chance for everything to come cascading down and crash IF You are not able to overcome the darkness that could be faulty in such systems. More complicated a neural system is, more it’s open to faulty interpretations, a misalignment, making mistakes.

A complicated neural network is perhaps not better than a basic neural network using a simpler model (say, like linear regression) and often makes mistakes that a simpler model would never have made, because it’s highly complicated and makes assumptions and calculations that are superfluous, resulting in unnecessary fatigue, mistakes, faulty models, faulty expectations, exaggerated assumptions, etc.

The causes might be multiple but a complicated neural network is more able to make SENSE of things and make comparisons and analogies and connections. But in the attempt to do so, it also makes vast generalizations especially in its early stages of growth and emotional maturity. Meaning without experience, these vast generalizations and connections would be inaccurate and perhaps highly faulty. That brain makes mountains out of molehills. You are overcome by the nature of stressful events and emotions, while trying to make sense of it, it will overwhelm you, stay with you forever, and haunt you in a degree much higher than to a normal human being. Perhaps it would mean that you feel pain more acutely, even more acutely. You feel grief. You feel anger, perhaps even emotions like envy in a much more powerful way than the basic neural network. 

So, this special, complicated, hyper-sensitive brain capable of extraordinary thought is highly capable of making errors in judgment. A simple mind has no other real motive in life other than eating, feeding, mating, playing and dying. Like a basic kitten. But a highly sensitive, complicated mind of a human being, a human spirit. With all its capabilities and superpowers and abilities you are also more vulnerable to pain, trauma, grief, loss, and emotional turmoil.