Patrick M advice for you to be a successful champion

You have to fall in love with the process of becoming better and better. The journey is everything. 

Everybody who has succeeded in life will tell you they failed 100 times.

In france and korea, etc other cultures, people feel failure is deemed as end of the world.

Failure means nothing. Failure is just getting information about not getting what you wanted at certain point. It’s GREAT feedback. There’s just next steps.

There’s 1000 failures before you can get to that step where you are achieving at the highest level.

When you fail, you feel lost. 

You might be failing and losing at something, but you actually might be 1 inch away from the destination you wanted to get to.

So that temporary feeling of failure … it’s just a feeling.

It doesn’t correspond to anything real. It’s just one moment in time where you are not where you wanted to be.

Every mistake just depends on how you look at it.

  • Just look at it … like now I know much better how to do, what to do to direct myself toward what I want. 

Everything in life depends on your perspective on it.

  • If you look at it through one camera, you see fail and disaster.
  • But if you look at it through another camera, you get a lot of feedback. I’m not where I wanna be yet … but with this feedback I can direct it where I wanna go.

If you can think like this, you will def become a success, you are on the way to your dreams.

You can’t be happy being stationary, staying same level. 

People at age 40, 50 starting tennis and they wanna be better.

That is life.

Life is exciting because you are developing yourself in what you like to do, and become better.

Happiness is in the process of growing.

These Images of a nice life. Nice car, nice wife, nice family, nice house. You talk to them, you will be surprised many aren’t happy. 

  • Unless they are really focused and developing themselves every day.

All the positive experiences you’ve had in life BUILDS your confidence.

If every day you win and get positive feedback … you end up thinking … Damn I rock. I am really good at that.

And more confidence you get and go out there again, better and better you get.

A failure is just feedback. So it doesn’t hurt you anymore.

If you don’t have confidence, a failure might hurt you and destroy your confidence.

A “feel” about your abilities … is very important.

  • When athletes have formed a lot of negative strong beliefs about themselves, they have a hard time coming back to winner mentality
  • They need to resolve that in order to become winners again.

Every time a tennis player loses, Patrick asks him

“Next time you play that guy, what will you change?”

Every result in your life depends on you.

There is a process of building that confidence.

4 tips

  1. Set goals. Very clear, short term, long term.
  2. You need extreme discipline. Cristiano Ronaldo, Incredible work ethic. He has the discipline and the work ethic
  3. Team. The people you surround yourself with.
    1. You are gonna think the same as people around you
    2. If the people around you are champions, they are gonna lift you up with great mindset. If they have negative mindset, they will put you down
  4. Self confidence
    1. When you are confident, you will set high goals and take great risks because you will believe you will make it
    2. People around you can give you confidence or take away your confidence
      1. They must believe in you even more than you
      2. They support you 
      3. They don’t point out mistakes just to embarrass you
      4. Some people will look at you as “he is great because he is fantastic for that, good at that” … some people will look at you and say “you are weak here, you have flaws here” … that’s true too but these are just 2 ways to look at the same person
        1. If somebody looks at you as glass half-empty, they will destroy you. 
        2. You know who LOOKS UP TO YOU … and you know who looks DOWN TO YOU. 
        3. Your supporters will give you so much confidence and help you go a long way

The difference between a CHAMPION and OTHER PEOPLE is in your head. Your mind.

  • You win a grand slam final with your mind. Not your tennis. Your tennis just follows your mind.
  • You need to think like a champion. 
  • When someone is in trouble, that’s when you know somebody is a champion.
    • Patrick tests the players in tough situations to see who they are.
    • Then sees their body language, the self-talk they use, how they talk to themselves.
  • Medvedev wins because of his incredible mentality
  • Djokovic before his match against Nadal
    • You could see from his body language that he was a champion
      • That he was gonna kill Nadal
      • And Patrick knew Djokovic was going to win.

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