Fasting realizations

Extended fasting is helping me yet again to cleanse my mind and look at different parts of myself. Last time, it was inspiring me to move to LA and pursue comedy once again which turned out to be literally the best decision in my life. This time, I think it’s telling me something a little different. 

Lust and Gluttony are two aspects of an overactive animalistic human brain stemming from our evolutionary ancestors. If we let that part of our brain take hold of us, it becomes so big to the point where all you wanna do is focus on porn, sex and food … just like gorillas in the zoo who were fed white bread by their zookeepers and all they wanna do afterwards is to masturbate and mate, and for sure, end up dying early. Reproduction is a very taxing activity for both the male and the female.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were manipulative devils all over the world. Those who flaunt their sex appeal for attention and money on social media are essentially doing the devil’s work. As well as men like Jeffrey Epstein who sell little girls for the pleasure of old men with money . They are devil incarnate. Not just sexual lust but people who prey on the brain’s certain animalistic urges and aggravate them in order to … make profit or take advantage of other human beings. Essentially food marketing/advertising/commercials of McDonald’s or Popeyes seek to do that on TV by highlighting how good their item is and how good it will taste. Fitness programs and health products advertising do the same by trying to convince you to eat a particular vitamin or superfood. They try to convince you that they can make you fitter, sexier, stronger, smarter or more attractive. But that burger is never as good once you finish eating it. And that superfood doesn’t really make you smarter or fitter overnight.

Vanity, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Lust … these are the sin triggers that devils use to manipulate humans into their snare. The ways that angels use to win people over are love, humility, selflessness, joy, patience, kindness, discipline, compassion, forgiveness, temperance, diligence and modesty … which persevere over darkness every time.

I see different aspects of goodness and evil present in people closest to me, which is sometimes painful to see. You would want your best friend and family members to only embody the good qualities, but that’s the opposite of truth. 

My message for today is we must not let other people from discouraging us or even rub off on us while we are trying to better ourselves. It is easier said than done. Some people’s influence on you can be extremely positive and beneficial, while some people (and to be honest, most people) can influence you in extremely discouraging and negative ways. My entire life, I was confused about this, whom to let inside my mind and my heart, and whom to protect myself against them. It was way too open and vulnerable. But now I think it’s becoming clearer and clearer, that despite the love I have for both my family and friends, I must be the most receptive to the energy I receive from God, and protect myself from everything else. 

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