The joy I can give out on stage is only as much as the joy I have within myself :)

My ability to exude Joy and Happiness and Fun and Empathy out into the world is amplified by my ability to harness joy, happiness, fun and empathy within myself. Not only amplified, but made possible only through my ability to be happy in myself. 

To feel happy about myself, to feel joyous about who I am, what I achieved and what I do … To have fun with genuine things deep inside my soul that inspires curiosity … and to feel love and empathy for myself and for everybody else … first …

and then stepping on the stage becomes really natural and easy from that. 

Then you are not on stage to get validation from laughter and prove something about yourself, that you are funny.

Instead, you get on stage to give gifts to people. Share with people. All the joy you have within yourself to make people smile. And you don’t need them to laugh back. You just give out your gift freely. And sometimes they laugh, sometimes they don’t. It doesn’t matter. You are there to do your duty as a comedian to give out your joy. share your joy.

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