Parable of the Apple

I once had the best apple in the world. It tasted better than anything else in the world. It could cure you of all ailments. It could give you ever-lasting life and wisdom. I wanted to give it away, as a present.

I tried to give it away to a traveling foreigner. He said he didn’t like me. He said he didn’t want it. He said he doesn’t accept strange gifts from strangers. And there he went.

I tried to give it away to a bar maiden. She said she is okay for now. She said she would not like to try apple and prefers bananas instead. She lived the rest of her life on bananas only. She never got to learn the taste of apples.

I tried to give it away to a young boy. He bit into it and didn’t like the taste of it. He said he’s tasted better fruits before. The apple was too tart for him, too weird. He left. He never found a better fruit later.

I tried to give it away to a sophisticated professor. She took a few bites and appreciated the apple but she said she was afraid of it. “If I taste the best apple in the world now, I would be dissatisfied with other apples for the rest of my life!” She had a point.

I finally cut up the apple into little pieces and blended them all into a juice. I poured the juice into a nearby river. All animals, deers, elephants, lions, cheetahs, birds, alligators, goats, horses, you name it … came to drink from the river. Soon, the river became a popular oasis for animals.

“Wow, this must be an amazing oasis here. The animals love it!” the crowd murmured.

But I tried to give you my apple before. You didn’t want it. Only nature could appreciate what I was doing.

But at least I released it into the river. I’m glad I didn’t give up.

The End.

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