Putting myself out there is scary! But we must have the courage to be disliked and misunderstood LOL :) …

I have nothing to lose. Sing in public. Do Roxy Hart in public. Authentic self-expression to the core. Who knows if I will be this healthy again? Will be this spiritual again? This young and 35 again? The answer is never. I put myself out there, despite all the odds, and see if I can make an impact in my small way before my death … which is inevitable. Tell jokes to the public. Especially the controversial ones. That’s who I truly am. How I learned from Bill Hicks, George Carlin … that’s the way they did it. And Bill will always be with me, as long as I do my comedy and art with love and truth … not as an attempt to offend or just create controversy for the sake of starting a fight.

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