Everything becomes fun

Even moving your body is fun. Going for a walk. Just having any occasion to do stuff becomes satisfying on its own. So weird.

When you play videogames all the time and watch porn, all you wanna do is to sit sedentary on your computer screen.

Instead, just going for a walk for no reason outside becomes fun. I guess that’s why dancing is fun for some people in the first place. Because moving your body, especially if you do it well, is fun. It was always fun. We just lost that fun.

The fun of taking care of your friends.

The fun of taking care of plants and animals.

The fun of listening to music. Playing music. The fun of singing.

The fun of sharing with others, loving others, talking to others.

The fun of engaging with others. The fun of listening to others.

The fun of healing others. The fun of teaching others.

The joy of eating a meal, cooking a meal, preparing a meal. The joy of tasting a healthy meal. The joy of tasting a fruit. The joy of tasting a vegetable. The joy of tasting in general.

The joy of learning. The joy of … just 10,000 other things. The fun of meeting old friends. The fun of making new friends.

The fun of reading. The fun of writing. The fun of living. The joy of life.

You recover it all when we realize the truth. It was all shrouded in mystery. But the truth was …

We were always meant to be joyful. But we lose it in the world.

We could always be this joyful. But we made choices. I made choices to lose it on worldly pleasures. So I lost touch with who I was, who I was meant to be, what I was supposed to do. How I was supposed to live.

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