Broccoli tastes sweet after fasting, on Keto diet

Once your sugar sensitivity comes back to your palate, after extensive fasting or keto diet, baked broccoli tastes sweet with just salt and pepper … amazing.

The whole act of eating becomes really satisfying after fasting in general but added with the taste recovery, I can eat broccoli more than I ever ate them. I used to hate broccoli.

So the whole fuss was because I had lost control of my own appetite and my own palate so I had begun to lose out on the true subtle taste of real veggies, real fruits, etc.

Even the granny apple the sour green ones tasted amazing today, I used to hate those and avoid those at all costs … it was my first real fruit after the 10-day fast.

So the whole focus should have been NOT messing up my palate now with smothering it with unhealthy things like doughnuts, candy, etc, cookies, cakes … that everybody else eats ….

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